NMap Labs

Before conducting any pen-testing exercises, ensure you have proper authorisation and permission to perform such activities on the target network or systems. Additionally, always comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding penetration testing and network security testing.

Idle Scanning

Practice idle scanning to scan targets through a third-party host, useful for evading detection.

Decoy Scanning

Configure Nmap to use decoy IP addresses to mask the true source of the scan.

Scripting Engine (NSE)

Explore the extensive capabilities of Nmap's scripting engine to automate tasks and perform advanced network reconnaissance.

Vulnerability Scanning

Utilise Nmap scripts or plugins like Nmap NSE or Nmap Vulners to identify vulnerabilities on target systems.

Data Extraction

Extract additional information from target systems using Nmap, such as banner grabbing for service enumeration or SNMP information.

Target Enumeration

Use Nmap to enumerate hosts, services, and open ports on a target network to create an inventory for further analysis.

Network Mapping

Create visual representations of network topologies and relationships using Nmap's output and tools like Nmap Visualiser.

TCP/IP Stack

Identify specific details about the TCP/IP stack implementation on target systems using Nmap's OS fingerprinting capabilities.

Service Enumeration

Utilise Nmap to enumerate services running on target hosts, including obscure or non-standard ports.

Aggressive Scan

Experiment with Nmap's aggressive scan options (-A) to gather detailed information about target systems, including OS detection, version detection, script scanning, and traceroute.

Traffic Redirection

Practice using Nmap's options for source IP address spoofing and packet redirection to obscure the origin of scan traffic.

Scan Timing

Explore different timing options (-T) in Nmap to balance between scan speed and stealthiness, depending on the target environment.

Output Manipulation

Learn to manipulate and analyze Nmap's output formats (such as XML, grepable, or normal) for efficient parsing and reporting.

Combining Tools

Integrate Nmap with other penetration testing tools like Metasploit, Wireshark, or Nessus for comprehensive security assessments, leveraging each tool's strengths for maximum effectiveness.

DNS Enumeration

Utilise Nmap's DNS enumeration features to discover subdomains, DNS records, and potentially sensitive information about the target organisation's infrastructure.

IPv6 Scanning

Practice scanning and enumerating IPv6 addresses and networks using Nmap, as IPv6 adoption continues to grow, it's essential to be proficient in assessing IPv6-enabled networks.

Timing Techniques

Experiment with Nmap's advanced timing options (-T4, -T5) and understand their impact on scan speed, accuracy, and detectability.

Data Visualisation

Explore methods to visualise Nmap scan results using tools like Gephi, Maltego, or custom scripts to create interactive maps or graphs for better understanding of network relationships and vulnerabilities.

Scan Profiles

Create custom scan profiles tailored to specific scenarios or environments, optimizing scan parameters like scan type, timing, and target selection for efficiency and effectiveness.